RAPS 360® Virtual Reading Diagnostic

RAPS 360® Virtual Reading Diagnostic

Automatically Diagnose Each Student’s Reading Skills in Minutes

RAPS 360® is a 100% computerized diagnostic reading assessment program that automatically tests and diagnoses basic reading skills and weaknesses for a single student, a classroom, the entire school or school district population.

In just 5 to 30 minutes, MindPlay’s RAPS 360® pinpoints deficiencies in each student’s reading skills creating an electronic individualized learning plan. Student progress can be automatically monitored.

RAPS 360 is a unique teacher tool designed to specifically identify why a student is struggling.  The program

  • meets Response to Intervention (RTI) program requirements.
  • provides a digital diagnostician for every student.
  • empowers teachers to create individual learning plans for every student.
  • allows teachers to customize features.
  • develops student prescriptions for improvement.
  • generates automatic reports for individuals, classes, schools and districts.
  • groups students with similar needs.
  • tests students quickly, requiring minimal teacher time.

Who should use RAPS 360?

  • Schools that want to target instruction to improve test scores,
  • Educators who want to automatically develop individualized learning plans,
  • Schools that want to measure progress against benchmark to achieve student success, and
  • Schools that want to group students for appropriate tier 1, 2, or 3 interventions.

RAPS 360 - a more comprehensive testing solution that

  • identifies the causes affecting poor reading comprehension for each student.
  • adjusts testing based on student responses.
  • provides a series of diagnostic tests for students reading below grade level including vocabulary and eye-tracking as well as encoding.
  • establishes a baseline for each skill area and measures student progress.
  • includes comprehensive graphic and tabular reporting.


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