MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach®

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach®

We Teach Reading!

Who should use MVRC®?

Take a quick tour of MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® and see how we teach reading.

Innovative Technology for Academic Success® – MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® improves students’ reading performance by assessing reading abilities, developing an individual student syllabus, differentiating instruction, and providing mastery-based activities to address reading gaps.

For students, MVRC® provides

  • interactive lessons with media-rich content.
  • direct, explicit, and systematic instruction.
  • scaffolded instruction and remediation.
  • virtual reading specialists and speech pathologists.
  • self-paced and mastery-based instruction.
  • immediate and specific feedback.

For teachers and administrators, MVRC provides

  • real-time access to reports and student data.
  • instructional delivery that is automated and adaptive.


MVRC provides differentiated instruction based on each student’s initial diagnostic testing and can be used by all students. The diagnostic tests, progress monitoring results, and student performance determine lesson assignment. Students are assigned targeted instruction based on needs.

MVRC accommodates students with diverse reading skills and instructional needs. It is effective with students of all ages and in disparate categories, including: adult education, GED preparation, English Language Learners, bilingual education, and special education. MVRC can serve as a core reading program (Tier 1), as well as intervention for students in Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Program Design and Methods

MVRC teaches students to comprehend grade level text and to read that text fluently. An MVRC student first becomes proficient in phonological awareness and phonics skills if needed. When a student demonstrates accurate decoding skills, he also receives vocabulary and grammar and meaning instruction. Finally, MVRC delivers explicitly fluency training to improve silent reading rate. Improvement in comprehension and fluency are simultaneous goals. The interactive activities help students stay focused and accelerate their progress.

MVRC is Embedded Teacher Intelligence® using methods and strategies of successful reading teachers and speech pathologists. Each student works toward 100% mastery at his or her own pace.



Recommended Bandwidth* for MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach®

  • 10 concurrent logins: 2.5 Mbps Download, 1.5 Mbps Upload
  • 30 concurrent logins: 8 Mbps Download, 1.5 Mbps Upload

*This is the amount of bandwidth available on the network connection when background network traffic is at its highest.

Link to MVRC® as Response to Intervention

Who should use MVRC?