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Fluent Reading Trainer (FLRT)

Improve Fluency and Comprehension Skills in Hours, Not Years   FLRT – a fluent reader trainer – systematically increases reading speed and reading comprehension. Fluent readers comprehend more of what they read and find reading more enjoyable. FLRT is now fully compatible with desktops, laptops, iPads, and other tablets.   FLRT enables students to progress… Read more »

RAPS 360 Virtual Reading Diagnostic

Automatically Diagnose Each Student’s Reading Skills in Minutes RAPS® 360 is a 100% computerized diagnostic reading assessment program that automatically tests and diagnoses basic reading skills and weaknesses for a single student, a classroom, the entire school or school district population. In just 5 to 30 minutes, MindPlay’s RAPS 360 pinpoints deficiencies in each student’s reading skills creating an… Read more »

MindPlay Products Overview

We teach reading and have for over 30 years.We believe passionately that technology can close the learning gap and that with the right program, everyone can read fluently.Working collaboratively with teachers, researchers and school administrators, we have translated effective classroom strategies into fully functional, technology-based reading instruction that accommodates individual needs and learning styles while… Read more »

We Teach Reading

MindPlay Educational Software has three solutions to help every student become a fluent reader: RAPS 360 Diagnostic Assessment, MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC), and FLRT – a fluent reading trainer. Take a quick Virtual Tour of MVRC RAPS 360 Diagnostic Assessment is a series of adaptive tests that are used to identify the specific skill… Read more »

Newsletter May 2013

Are You Maximizing Your Licenses? Whether you have MRC or MVRC licenses, they work in the exact same way. You own the license and you are able to share that license with as many users as you can schedule to use it, one at a time. If you are currently only using your licenses for… Read more »

American Students are World-Class Readers?!

According to a Derek Thompson article published in The Atlantic, when you segregate reading test results by social class, student in the United States – when you focus on our most advantaged students – are world class. In a study that looked at science, reading, and math scores broken up by social class, the success… Read more »

MVRC and Response to Intervention

Essential Components of RtI MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach Universal Screening MVRC administers a diagnostic reading test to each student upon his or her initial log in. Multi-tiered Interventions MVRC assigns a unique, individualized syllabus to each student based on results of the diagnostic test. Each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is designated to remediate specific… Read more »

Who should use MVRC?

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach is beneficial to students within a wide range of proficiency levels. MVRC is highly appropriate for Struggling Readers, English Language Learners, Teen and Adult Learners and Accelerated Learners.   Common Core Curriculum Alignment Program instruction and activities address up to 90% of Common Core Standards in these areas: Reading Standards for… Read more »

MVRC & Reading Curriculum Requirements

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC): Reading Intervention   Curriculum Requirements     How Criteria is Met • Meets the National Reading Panel® (NRP) key components of effective reading instruction. ✓ MVRC meets critical components of scientifically established reading programs identified by the NRP:  Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.  In addition, Grammar is also… Read more »

MRC Manager

Latest release: August 12, 2011 What It Is MRC Manager allows management of My Reading Coach through a special utility instead of through the main program. It also adds the ability to save student data to a CSV file to potentially be imported into other programs. Note: My Reading Coach must already be installed on… Read more »