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What to check if the MindPlay program is “freezing”

What to check if the MindPlay program is “freezing” The most common reason for slow or choppy program performance is caused by low/slow internet speeds that are lower than our […]

Mindplay Literacy

“Having access to MindPlay… enabled me to maintain high levels of instruction…”

I am a first grade, two way, dual immersion teacher.  As you can imagine I have less time and more content to fit in to an instructional period with my […]

“…MindPlay is an effective computer-based program.”

I was able to use the computer-based reading program called MindPlay with some of my students last year. I have nothing negative to say about it. Here are a few […]

“We love MindPlay!”

“Not only does it increase student growth, but teacher growth as well. As our teachers monitor students, they learn the components required to become a good reader. This piece of software […]

“As a mother, I cannot recommend MindPlay enough.”

“We have tried everything including private tutoring and MindPlay is what has helped Aiden the most. This is an invaluable tool to help students improve their reading and writing skills.” […]

MindPlay Universal Screener™ Uses Adaptive Technology to Assess Students’ Reading Skills and Prescribes Interventions

Program instantly analyzes K-12 students’ performance in reading to help teachers provide the right instruction to achieve improvement and measure progress ORLANDO, FL, July 1, 2015 – Literacy publisher MindPlay […]

MindPlay Universal Screener™

Diagnose each student’s reading skills in minutes MindPlay Universal Screener™ is a fully computerized, comprehensive diagnostic reading assessment program. It automatically tests and diagnoses basic reading skills and weaknesses for […]

How MindPlay Works

MindPlay can teach your child to read! Through a series of quick assessments, the program determines what a child knows and doesn’t know. Then it creates a personalized learning plan […]

MindPlay In The News

A collection of news releases and published articles about MindPlay news and product reviews 2015 MindPlay Shows Web-Based Reading Program Helping K-12 Students with Special Needs Increase Reading Levels – […]